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Fashionista Airhostess Academy is ISO certified with courses designed on international standards from experts of the industry. Join one of the best Airhostess Academy in Delhi, South Extension and get a head start over you competition and take advantage of our 20 years of expertise in the aviation / education industry. Our courses are designed in a way to get you to the job of your dreams as an Air hostess / Cabin Crew, Ground Staff or in Travel Industry, Hospitality, Service Industry, etc.

The objective of the In-flight Training Program is to give the students a strong base in the field of Aviation, hence helping them to be successful Cabin Attendants. Aviation is a growing industry and therefore offers you with many opportunities.

This course offers all the aspiring cabin crew to learn about various procedures in the Aircraft like Parts and Functions of the Aircraft, Airline procedures like Embarkation procedures and Dis Embarkation Procedures. The pattern of the study provided here is designed in such a way that it enlightens them about the various Service Times and Service Procedures. The students are trained about the basic procedures of Safety and First Aid. They are made aware of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Cabin Crew like Announcements, City Codes, Flying Hours, Safety Equipment, etc. all of the above enables them to have a wider and better understanding of the Aviation Industry.

The course also trains the students on how to handle customers of different types and remain calm and patient in extreme situations like Crash, Ditching, Hijack, Delays, etc. Along with providing the knowledge about the aviation industry and the aircraft knowledge students are also made aware of the Grooming Standards, English Communication Skills, Etiquettes and Manners, Personality Development, Speaking Methods, etc. All of these are an essential part of the life of a Cabin Crew and hence, The Fashionista Airhostess Academy promise to provide the best in the Industry training to its flying dreamers.

Grooming Enhances the ability to look the best and stand out in the crowd. Our etiquettes, manners and communication skills attract passengers towards us and give us a chance to deliver our services to them. The Cabin Crew Training program also provides with an International In Flight experience with enables our future cabin crew to live and experience the life of a cabin attendant by visually experiencing the way Cabin Crew and ground staff carries their daily duties.. They also go through ground staff procedures like luggage handling, immigration procedures, security procedures etc.

Eligibility Criteria :
Qualification – 10+2
Age – 17 years to 24 years

The Hospitality industry is a field within the Service industry which includes various areas of work like Food and Drink, Event Planning, Transportation, etc. Hospitality industry includes many different businesses like Restaurants, Resorts, Casinos, Hotels, Tour agencies, Airlines, etc. The Hospitality Program will offer you training on the various procedures like Check-in and Check-out, different departments like Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Front desk, etc. it enhances your ability of meeting and greeting guests. It gives you training on how to establish a good relation with the customers and guests and how to handle different customers.

Eligibility Criteria :
Qualification – 10+2
Age – 17 years to 24 years

Tourism is travel for pleasure or business. Tourism is also a part of the Service industry. This course offers you to learn about the Tourism industry, Companies, Transportation operators and Hotels. The students are given knowledge about Countries, Cities and States so as to enable them to share their knowledge with the clients and help them choose the best places to visit.

Eligibility Criteria :
Qualification – 10+2
Age – 17 years to 24 years

Ground Staff Training is one of the most important aspects of the Aviation Industry. The Ground Staff or the Ground Handling Department has seen a major growth in the last few years. Spectacular growth in job arena and placement sector has been seen in the ground staff department.

This course offers the students with an excellent training in ground operations like check in and checks out, luggage handling, customer handling, passenger understanding, etc. Fashionista Airhostess Academy also gives you a chance to work at the airport as a part of the on job training facility. This opportunity enables you to experience the life as a ground staff / Hospitality staff.

Eligibility Criteria :
Qualification – Graduates / Post Graduates
Age – 20 years to 24 years

Grooming is a powerful tool to enhance each aspect of people’s image. It enables people to look their best and be confident. With ever growing competition and struggle to succeed, grooming is a vital tool and has become a need for successful professional to sustain success.

Topics that are covered in this course are skin and hair care, make up skill, formal and traditional dressing, hygiene, dental care, how to upkeep yourself as a cabin crew.

English is the most spoken language in the world. It is vital to learn the English language in order to have a successful career. The English communication course covers topics such as grammar, vocabulary, greeting gestures, aviation terminology; through interactive sessions students get an opportunity to interact with each other and trainers to improve their speaking skills. Skits, role plays, extempore, etc. are conducted to increase their confidence.

At Fashionista Airhostess Academy students are trained on various etiquettes. As this is a service industry etiquettes and manners play a vital role. Social Etiquettes such as fine dining, body postures, body language, soft and polite gestures while talking, positive and right attitude, etc. are taught to them. This enables them to stand out amongst the rest.

Having the right voice tone is very important for a cabin crew. Being polite yet assertive is the requirement. In this course we teach students to have the right voice tone while handling passengers, making announcements, saying out command in situations of ditching and crash, etc.

The Personality Development course teaches the students to have a personality and have traits that are essential for an airhostess. In this course the topics covered are right attitude, empathy, sympathy, motivation, anger management, confidence building, etc. it also teaches the students to work in teams and also be a team leader.

The Fashionista Airhostess Academy promises it students the best in the Industry experience with very high teaching standards and thus offers them with various facilities and opportunities so that they stand tall amongst the rest.

Excellent Placements

Fashionista Airhostess Academy provides 100% Placement Assistance to each of its student in the sectors of Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Ground Staff. Fashionista has strategic tie ups with leading airlines / hotels / tourism companies for placements and job training of its students.

International Practical in-Flight Experience

Fashionista Airhostess Academy provides its students with live In-Flight practical experience to familiarize them with the Aircraft procedures, Ground procedures, In Flight services, Luggage Handling, and Immigration. This is a short International trip to Singapore which also gives a chance to the students to travel abroad and explore which is a big part of their future when they become cabin crew.

On Job Training

Fashionista Airhostess Academy gives the opportunity to its students to have a 3 Month On-Job Training Experience at the Airport. This enables the students to have the Best Work Experience during the Training period. Through the on-job training experience students become very confident and are exposed to the aviation work environment.

1 Month Gym / Swimming Training

Being fit is one of the basic requirements to be in the Aviation Industry. The Fashionista Airhostess Academy provides students with a 1month gym training which helps them to remain fit and active.

Swimming is the most important requirement that airlines have while hiring a cabin crew. Therefore at Fashionista Airhostess Academy we make sure that our students learn the basics of swimming so as to stay ready to face challenging situations like ditching.

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Please Note : Any practical training like gym / swimming and international training is subject to pandemic and government regulations and will not be carried forward to the next academic year.