Be Perfect as the name says is a 6-month program which emphasizes only on developing and improving the personality of a student. As it is said that,” First Impression is the last impression” therefore, at Fashionista Airhostess Academy we put in our 100% effort to make an impeccable First Impression.

The Be Perfect course includes :


Grooming is a powerful tool to enhance each aspect of people’s image. It enables people to look their best and be confident. With ever growing competition and struggle to succeed, grooming is a vital tool and has become a need for successful professional to sustain success.

Topics that are covered in this course are skin and hair care, make up skill, formal and traditional dressing, hygiene, dental care, how to upkeep yourself as a cabin crew.

English Communication

English is the most spoken language in the world. It is vital to learn the English language in order to have a successful career. The English communication course covers topics such as grammar, vocabulary, greeting gestures, aviation terminology; through interactive sessions students get an opportunity to interact with each other and trainers to improve their speaking skills. Skits, role plays, extempore, etc. are conducted to increase their confidence.


At Fashionista Airhostess Academy students are trained on various etiquettes. As this is a service industry etiquettes and manners play a vital role. Social Etiquettes such as fine dining, body postures, body language, soft and polite gestures while talking, positive and right attitude, etc. are taught to them. This enables them to stand out amongst the rest.

Voice Modulation

Having the right voice tone is very important for a cabin crew. Being polite yet assertive is the requirement. In this course we teach students to have the right voice tone while handling passengers, making announcements, saying out command in situations of ditching and crash, etc.

Personality Development

The Personality Development course teaches the students to have a personality and have traits that are essential for an airhostess. In this course the topics covered are right attitude, empathy, sympathy, motivation, anger management, confidence building, etc. it also teaches the students to work in teams and also be a team leader.

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